Are Advertisements Effective in Driving Corporate Goals?


Kevin Wijaya



7 September 2022



2 Minute Read


By and large, the effectiveness of advertisements has long been questioned by society. While many people think that advertising frequently does not give satisfactory results, I hold the view that the advent of such product promotion has the power to convince people to purchase goods and services.

The Undeniable Downside

Naysayers of advertising might argue that running advertisements cannot gain them real results. Because traditional advertisements are normally displayed to everyone, no matter their age, gender, nor interests repeatedly, the audience may probably lose interest in the ads.

After all, why would children want to view campaigns about investment apps on billboards? Why would women wish to watch videos promoting men's shoes on television? And why would elders want to read about toy advertisements in magazines?

Believing that the products offered cannot bring direct and tangible benefits to their lives, people may choose to overlook these advertisements.

The Advancement of Social Media

On the other hand, thanks to the advancement of social media, I assert that advertisements can play a major role in attracting both clients and customers. The development of digital technology has undoubtedly enabled suppliers to meet their demands.

Such a notion is evident in various online applications, like Facebook, Instagram, and Google, which allow advertisers to target specific people related to their businesses before launching their campaigns.

By only displaying ads to people who might show interest, companies may not only spend lower budgets but also enjoy higher conversion rates.


In conclusion, while traditional ads have become increasingly obsolete over the years, digital advertisements are proven to bring many compelling benefits. Because of the innovative features they provide, online advertisements, I believe, are one of the most effective methods to attract potential customers.