5 Tips: How To Create an Excellent Presentation

Oliver Kevin

Oliver Kevin


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14 July 2022


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Presentation Tips

1. Outline the Content

Firstly, decide on the working title and the main outlines. Remember that a working title is more specific than a topic. Next, make a list of the main outlines to start giving the PowerPoint structure. While outlining, it is crucial to keep the target audience in mind. In doing this, try to ask some questions to yourself:

  • What does the audience already know?
  • What new information should be provided?
  • What is going to interest the audience?
  • How do we make the audience constantly focused?

2. Collect Relevant Data and Examples

Data and examples can greatly boost your presentation credibility. While statements can help to set a good presentation structure, supporting the statements with credible evidence will make the presentation far more interesting. However, keep in mind to not provide random statistics on the presentation and expect to amaze the audience. Make sure that the data comes from reliable/reputable sources. Furthermore, present it in an interesting way and make it easy to understand, such as charts and graphs.

3. Select Proper Color Schemes

Set up color combinations that look more appealing. Select the colors that support the tone of the presentation content and legibility. In addition, be sure that the color scheme doesn’t distract the audience. Be mindful not to utilize too many different colors combination since it may ruin the slides.

4. Design the Slide Backgrounds

While designing, avoid unnecessary images or decorations that might distract the audience. However, it is also imperative to make more creative designs than just having plain backgrounds even for very simple ones. Most PowerPoint apps have provided templates that can be used as a starting point. In addition, most of the templates contain creative and simple designs which are very suitable.

5. Format the Content

Start filling in information based on the outline created earlier. Firstly, create a skeleton by adding the title, all the headers, and supporting slides in between. Moreover, here are the following that can be added to the slides:

  • Titles and headers
  • A few credible information/statements
  • One or two images
  • Details to remember

It is crucial to fill in the information and then add the images later. Make sure that the information in the slides is summarized and save the whole information for the speech. Therefore, you can start creating your presentation by following these tips for maximum impact.